What people are saying about

Caravan to Oz

a family reinvents itself off-off-Broadway

 Playwright ROBERT PATRICK (Kennedy’s Children) says:

The Autobiography of off-off-Broadway is HERE! When asked what Irving Berlin’s place in popular American music was, Cole Porter replied, “Irving Berlin is popular American music.” Similarly, “What is the Harris Family’s place in early off-off Broadway?” “The Harris Familyis early off-off Broadway.” If ever the movie of that magic time is made, here is the scenario: Two adults and six kids who acted, sang, danced, and made music everywhere for everyone before anyone was anyone.

Reviewer DAN RIPLEY says:

It’s the collective story of an irrepressible family with dazzling energy, unbreakable optimism, and unflagging creative spirit. But it isn’t just that: it’s a history of the decades through which the family has lived, persevered and grown, and even helped to shape events, in theatre and in the broader American culture.

TIM ROBBINS, Oscar-winning actor, director and activist, says:

They were doing things in 1970 that had not been done before. Anyone that has, in the last 40 years defied societal expectations, pushed the envelope of sexuality, or lived courageously in the freedom of their skin should say a prayer of thanks, light a candle and line their eyes with glitter for George, Jr. (Hibiscus) and the Harrises of Greenwich Village. … They brought it like rock stars.

JUDY CORCORAN, author of The Man Who Sold The World on Golf, says:

What a fascinating life this family led. Open this book to any page and you’ll see New York’s theater scene in the making. From the time of “happenings” and political protests to garage theater and off-off Broadway, this family with six kids did it all. Their pioneering spirit is only out-shined by their creativity.

STEVE SUSOYEV, co-author of Return to the Caffe Cino, says:

The Harrises arrived in New York with little to claim their own except a profound love of theatre. The family helped to inspire the very revolution they had come to find. This book, in turn, inspires new generations of playwrights, performers, composers and musicians to start the next revolution.