Jim Bowers – Caped Wonder

Jim Bowers – Caped Wonder


Jim Bowers is the creator and curator of  “Caped Wonder,” a website whose mission is to honor and celebrate Christopher Reeve’s legacy as an Actor, Humanitarian, Teacher and Family Man; and to honor the directors, filmmakers, writers, cast and crew of the classic Superman movie series.

The following is from his blog:

24 December 2014

Walter Michael Harris, son of George Harris II who portrayed Officer Mooney in Superman-The Movie, along with his mom and sisters, have written a book, Caravan to Oz, about their amazing acting family. Highly recommended! I had the privilege of contributing photos to their book. You can purchase your copy here. Here is their Facebook page and their official website. Be sure to check out Michael’s dedication to his dad on CapedWonder.com here.



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