Rave review for Magie Dominic’s “STREET ANGEL”

Rave review for Magie Dominic’s “STREET ANGEL”

dominic-streetThis year our good friend Magie Dominic published “Street Angel”, a memoir of her native Newfoundland.

This quote is from a recent rave in The Antigonish Review:

“….Dominic writes as Julius Caesar spoke (“I came, I saw, I conquered.”), as Dickens wrote, and as Toni Morrison writes. The style is immediate and emotive. It also makes for a fasten-your-seat-belt read….”

And here’s the link to the full review by Marjorie Simmins:


Get to know Magie by ordering “STREET ANGEL” and by visiting:

Magie Dominic at Lincoln Center Archives
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 Magie Dominic


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